This project is 60% complete.

There are no freeway lane closures planned until sometime next week at the earliest.

Construction of retaining walls along the Florence Ave. on ramp to northbound I-5 continues. Once the retaining walls are complete, the area against the walls will be backfilled. Then construction of the sound wall on top of the retaining wall near Longworth Avenue can begin. Construction of sound walls along the east side of I-5 in this area are projected to be complete around August. Rebar of the abutment wall meets retaining wall (below):


Workers assemble face forms which will create designs in the concrete surface of the retaining walls (below):


Pile driving activity is complete on both sides of I-5 for the Florence Ave. Bridge. This is generally the noisiest part of bridge construction (below):


Support columns for the second half of the Florence Ave. Bridge on the west side of I-5. Completion of the second half of the bridge is projected for Fall of 2018 (below):


Rebar for Florence Ave. Bridge abutment on the west side of I-5 (below):


Excavation of 55″ sewage lines on the west side of I-5, north of the Florence Ave. Bridge. Drainage lines will be installed from the east side of I-5 to the west side of I-5 to alleviate past flooding issues on surface streets (below):


6′ by 2′ concrete “box” drains will carry water from the east side to the west side of I-5 (below):


Demolition of the Orr & Day bridge over the railroad tracks south of Florence Ave. continues for another week.


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