Valley View Avenue Interchange



Valley View Avenue Interchange

In mid-November  of 2016 Caltrans began construction on the Valley View Avenue Interchange Project, which will add a High Occupancy Vehicle and mixed-flow lane in each direction along approximately one and a half miles of I-5 at Valley View Avenue, from Artesia Boulevard undercrossing to North Fork Coyote Creek. The project extends through the cities of Buena Park, La Mirada, Cerritos, and Santa Fe Springs.

Three bridges will be reconstructed: the Valley View Avenue Bridge at I-5, the North Firestone Boulevard Bridge over Coyote Creek, and the I-5 freeway bridge at Coyote Creek. Lanes will be kept open on the Valley View Avenue Bridge during construction. There will also be improvements to the interchange at Valley View Avenue and adjacent frontage roads. The new bridge will include a railroad overpass.

Construction on this project is 33% complete.

Projected dates:
Completion of first half of Valley View Ave. Bridge: Revised to *late 2019.
Completion of second half of Valley View Ave. Bridge: Revised to *late 2021.
Completion of entire I-5 Valley View Ave. Interchange project: Revised to *late 2021.

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There are currently two sections of the first half of the Valley View Ave. Bridge under construction:

  1. One section crosses over I-5 in Santa Fe Springs. Construction of the concrete vertical walls on the deck is complete. Workers are removing the forms from the vertical walls and using them to build a base over which a horizontal rebar grid will be constructed. After that, the horizontal grid will be also be encased in rebar. The lumber base sections are called “lost walls”, because they are recycled to serve as a base for the concrete pour. Afterwards, they are left inside, but they provide no structural support for the bridge. Photos below from October 16:
  2. A second section crosses over Arbor Pl. in Cerritos. The final layer of concrete has been poured on this section. Photos below fro October 2:
  3. Next a third, middle section will be constructed which will cross over the railroad tracks. Photos below:

Traffic now accesses Arbor Place from either direction of Valley View Ave. under the bridge south of the railroad tracks (photos below):

And exits Arbor Pl. onto southbound Valley View Ave. using the new bridge ramp (photo below):

In La Mirada,  N. Firestone Blvd. will be elevated to the level of the new I-5 lanes from Knott Ave. to north of Trojan Way. In turn, Trojan Way will reconstructed and elevated to meet N. Firestone Blvd. The first half of the new Trojan Way / N. Firestone Blvd. interchange is complete. (Photos below from October 2):

We are building two bridges side-by-side over Coyote Creek just west of I-5 near the intersection of Firestone Blvd. and Trojan Way in La Mirada. One bridge will carry the new lanes of I-5 and one will carry the lanes of the new Firestone Blvd. Currently, Firestone Blvd. is being graded and compacted on both sides of the bridge. Construction of the pier walls in the creek bed to support the bridge is complete. Photos below from October 16:

Workers are drilling and pile driving in preparation to install support columns for the bridge. Photos below from October 16:


Firestone Blvd. is restricted to one lane in each direction between Valley View Ave. and the Firestone Blvd. off ramp from northbound I-5 in La Mirada. Trucks over 25′ in length and /or over 2500 lbs. may NOT:
1. Turn left onto Firestone Blvd, from the off ramp. (Right turn only permitted).
2. Turn left on Firestone Blvd. from Valley View Ave.


Detour map below:

N. Firestone Blvd. is closed between Knott Ave. and Trojan Way to allow widening of northbound I-5, reconstruction of a new Firestone Blvd, to the east, and the reconstruction of Coyote Creek Bridge. Detour map below:

Project Map